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If you use e-mail client software (eg Outlook Express, Eudora) to receive and send e-mails, then pulling mail to your computer (using pop3) or sending an e-mail (smtp) will sacrifice your traffic You can secure directories on your website using the 'Password Protected Directories' feature on CPanel. Suppose you want to secure your filepenting on.

Username and password are very important data, because with a username and password the computer can identify someone whether someone is eligible to get the right of access to a service / service. We provide web hosting here Best Web Hosting 2018 serve the purchase of web hosting easly. By default, when you have done order hosting at promo.rumahweb.com, you will immediately sent info account like username and password through your email.

At first the strength of your password is very high (hard to guess), because the combination of characters and numbers. But the negative impact is that you are hard to remember the password. So you have to copy-paste the account. In the cPanel menu, you can easily change the password. You just take a few steps, including: open the url page yourdomain.com/cpanel. fill in the username and password that has been sent to your email. Then access menu Preference - Change Password.

For more details: A. Old password to enter cPanle B. The new password you want to sign into cPanel C. Fill in the same new password. (The new password must be the same as the password you entered in step 'b') D. Password created by the system automatically (Avoid this step if you want to use the password that you hendaki) E. Make password changes. After you follow the steps above, then for the next you will login at namadomainanda.com/cpanel by using your new password, not with account that has been sent via email.

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